Six Recipes Using The Best Summer Essential Oils

summer essential oils

Summer is here and a new season means new ways to make your home more natural using Simply Earth’s best summer essential oils.

When I think of summer I think of fun in the sun, travel, and spontaneous adventures. These things are what inspired our June Recipe Box: four essential oils and six natural recipes to make your summer more natural.

Four Must-Have Summer Essential Oils

Anise Star Essential Oil 

summer essential oils

Our new oil! Its aroma is strong, sweet, and spicy (very similar to black licorice). It uplifts and comforts, prevents gas and nausea, aids in digestion, and helps to overcome fearfulness. This oil is great to prevent travel sickness, keep you confident, and to help you make the most of your adventures.

Palmarosa Essential Oil 

With a spicy rose aroma, this oil promotes healthy skin, calms, helps sleeplessness, and reduces fungus and swelling and achiness. It also has a cooling effect, perfect for recovering from sunburn.

Grapefruit Essential Oil

This happy oil uplifts, energizes, supports mental focus, clears oily skin, promotes healthy hair, and cleans naturally. It has a distinct aroma that is fresh and citrus sweet. This oil is great for putting you in the summer mood and helping your skin and hair get that summer glow!

Head Soothing Essential Oil Blend

summer essential oils

Composed of Lavender, Ho Wood, and Frankincense Essential Oils. This blend is formulated to ease tension headaches and neck discomfort. It’s also soothing and great for the skin. Bring it along to reduce travel tension and ease the pain of needing to stay inside on a beautiful day.

6 Natural Recipes for Summer

After Sun Blend

This recipe features liquid aloe vera, Palmarosa Essential Oil, and our Head Soothing Essential Oil Blend. It’s designed to help skin recover from sun damage. Even if you’re not prone to sunburn, this spray will help prevent wrinkles and other skin damage created by the sun.

Hibiscus Frozen Facial

Great for a hot summer day, ice cube facials are great for shrinking pores, trapping in moisture, and reducing inflammation. Use this recipe to help your skin recover from sun damage for healthy beautiful skin.

Beachy Hair Spray

summer essential oils

Grapefruit Essential Oil in this recipe will help balance the oils in your hair plus sea salt will add great texture to get that textured hair that comes with a day spent at the ocean.

Hibiscus Skin Repair Bath Salts

Another way to soothe and refresh skin damaged by the sun. Relax in a bath after a busy summer day while taking care of your skin.

Summer Day Diffuser Blend

summer essential oils

Stuck working at the office on a beautiful day? This diffuser blend will bring in the sweet smell of summer.

Travel Buddy Roll On

Have travel plans? This roll on will keep you feeling confident and help relieve travel sickness so you can make the most of your next adventure.

Want more natural recipes for your summer? Try one of these!

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