Tranquility Essential Oil Blend for Anxiety

Discover serenity and embrace calm with the powerful Tranquility Essential Oil Blend.

Essential oils are one of the most delightful ways to nurture a sense of well-being. Aromatherapy is one of the most effective natural methods to positively influence your mood and achieve tranquility.

When I seek rest and relaxation, my go-to choice is our Tranquility Essential Oil Blend. This exquisite combination of pure, calming essential oils is specifically crafted to alleviate anxiety, promote peace of mind, and ease tension—perfectly tailored for unwinding after a long, demanding day.

What’s in This Essential Oil Blend?

essential oils for anxiety

Lemon Essential Oil

Lemon Essential Oil has a perfect citrus aroma. It’s uplifting and is effective in soothing stress because of its powerful calming and mood-improving agent1. It’s also known to help heighten feelings of awareness and consciousness. People love using it for meditation, along with other grounding essential oils.

Patchouli Essential Oil

Patchouli Essential Oil helps calm nervous tension and worry, thus promoting calmness. It is also used in Ayurvedic medicine to soothe anxiety, stress, and depression2. Its sweet and musky scent adds strength to this blend.

Sweet Orange Essential Oil

Sweet Orange Essential Oil is one of my go-to oils to uplift my mood when I’m feeling anxious, down, or unmotivated. Its bright, sweet citrus aroma adds a cheerful note to this blend. Sweet Orange Oil is known to help soothe anxiety3 and calm stress.

Amyris Essential Oil

Amyris Essential Oil has a soothing woody and vanilla-like aroma that helps create an atmosphere of rest and relaxation. It’s a go-to oil for those who need an extra nudge towards bedtime4

Ylang-Ylang Essential Oil

Uplifting, calming, and relaxing, Ylang-Ylang Essential Oil has even been used to help calm the emotions of those who have undergone trauma. It’s a great oil to help soothe anxiety and boost self-esteem5.

Tranquility Essential Oil Blend Benefits

essential oils for anxiety


Tranquility Essential Oil Blend is specially formulated to provide calming and soothing effects, making it an ideal solution for those who experience restlessness. This exceptional blend combines the finest natural ingredients known for their relaxation properties, helping to ease unsettled feelings and gently guide your body and mind into a state of tranquility.


This meticulously crafted blend calms the senses and helps in centering thoughts, creating a serene mental space. The harmonious synergy of essential oils encourages mindfulness, allowing you to focus and find balance in your daily life.

Promotes Rest

The Tranquility Essential Oil Blend is a perfect addition to your nightly routine. Its soothing properties encourage healthy sleep patterns, ensuring you wake up refreshed and rejuvenated. Imagine drifting off to sleep with a serene mind and experiencing sweet dreams—this blend makes that possible.

How to Use This Essential Oil Blend

Diffuser Blend Recipes

These relaxing essential oils are easy to diffuse in our Tranquility Essential Oil Blend. Diffuse it by itself or with other essential oils like in this recipe:

Bath & Shower Recipes

Another great way to use this blend is in an aromatherapy bath. Paired with other all-natural ingredients, this is a great way to relax after a long day to improve skin health and appearance. Try it in one of these great recipes: 

Personal Inhaler

When you need serenity now, a personal inhaler is an easy way to bring Tranquility Essential Oil wherever you go. All you need is an aromatherapy inhaler and a few drops of the blend added to the cotton inside. Place near one nostril while plugging the other, deeply inhale, and repeat with the other.

Roll-On Recipes

Like an inhaler, roll-on bottles are effective for on-the-go aromatherapy. A carrier oil like fractionated coconut oil dilutes the essential oils and makes them safe for topical use. Then, give the oil a swirl and roll it onto pulse points. 

What Earthies Are Saying About This Blend

Things to Remember When Using This Blend

Always dilute an essential oil when using it on the skin. This essential oil blend is unlikely to cause skin irritation when diluted properly. If the oil has been oxidized (left with the cap off for long periods of time) it is more likely to cause skin irritation. Check out this dilution chart for diluting this essential oil properly. 

This blend is not recommended to be used if you are pregnant. Consult your doctor prior to use. 

This essential oil blend is safe to use with kids ages 10+.

Cats may find the oils in this recipe irritating. However, we do not expect your cat to be disturbed if you use this recipe on yourself. Just be mindful of your pet’s behavior. For more information on using essential oils with cats, check out this blog post

Dogs may find the oils in this recipe irritating. However, we do not expect your dog to be disturbed if you use this recipe on yourself. Just be mindful of your pet’s behavior. For more information on using essential oils with dogs, check out this blog post

We don’t recommend ingesting essential oils unless under the direction of a doctor certified in aromatherapy. For more information on why we don’t ingest essential oils check out this blog post

*Please note: This post is a compilation of suggestions made by those that have extensively used essential oils and have not been verified scientifically with clinical tests nor reviewed by medical experts. It is anecdotal information and should be treated as such. For serious medical concerns, please consult your doctor. The statements given in this blog post have not been verified by the FDA.

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