What are Rose Hydrosol Benefits And Uses?

Essential oils are very concentrated. Ever heard the phrase “they’re like oil and water?” It means they don’t mix well. Essential oils are – well – oils, so it can be difficult to keep things mixed when adding them to water.

Hydrosols are the perfect alternative.

Hydrosols are made as a byproduct in the essential oils making process. Here’s what that looks like:

Plant material is cooked, and the steam is collected. The steam is cooled into a liquid. That liquid is a mixture of essential oils and water. When the essential oil is separated from the water, that leftover water is the hydrosol. 

It contains the same benefits as the essential oils but in a much less concentrated form. Plus, it’s water-based instead of oil, so it’s PERFECT for recipes that involve water!

rose hydrosol bath, relaxing bath

I love that this is safe to apply directly to my skin! It provides a whole bunch of benefits that can be used in a wide variety of areas. Overall, hydrosols are amazing!


Rose Absolute (or Rose Essential Oil) is very expensive. Much more hydrosol can be produced during the distillation process than the essential oil, so it can be sold for less!


Oil and water don’t mix, so when you want to make a lotion or spray using essential oils you need to add more ingredients to get the oil to mix with the water. A hydrosol can replace the water in DIY cosmetic recipes for amazing benefits!

Smells Amazing

Another benefit of Rose Hydrosol is it smells SO GOOD. I mean, who doesn’t love the smell of roses? Its floral, rosy aroma is calming and uplifting.


Rose Hydrosol is moisturizing to the skin. It’s especially helpful in locking in moisture to mature skin, which can reduce the appearance of wrinkles and other signs of aging. Use it as a toner with your favorite moisturizer to lock in all the goodness and keep your face looking fresh.

rose hydrosol bath, relaxing bath 2

One of the great things about hydrosols is that they don’t need to be diluted. Since they are much less concentrated than essential oils, they’re safe to use directly on the skin

Body Spray

You can use undiluted Rose Hydrosol for a light perfume. Its toxin-free aroma is beautiful and you’ll smell faintly of rose. Rose Hydrosol as a spray is also refreshing and uplifting.


You can add it to a lotion or cream like this one to moisturize your skin. 


Add a little bit of Rose Hydrosol to your mommy time, like with this Rose Hydrosol Bath. It will calm you and uplift you. 

Replace Water

You can use it to replace the water in a cosmetic recipe, like in this Rose and Clay Face Mask.


Spray your face with Rose Hydrosol to help lock in moisture and tighten pores.

rose hydrosol, rose hydrosol benefits 2

Rose Hydrosol does not need to be diluted when used on the skin.

Rose hydrosol is best for kids aged 2+. If you want to use hydrosols with younger child check out Lavender Hydrosol

Simply Earth Rose Hydrosol is not intended for internal use. 

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

How Are You Going to Take Advantage of Rose Hydrosol Benefits?

I absolutely love the way Rose Hydrosol smells. It adds a beautiful aroma to anything I use it with. How are you going to use Rose Hydrosol? Comment below!

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