Mosquito Repellent Diffuser Blend

As the warm nights of summer approach, so do the pesky mosquitoes. With this easy, homemade mosquito repellent diffuser blend, you can enjoy your evenings outdoors without the annoyance of buzzing and biting bugs. Not only is Summer Nights Diffuser Blend effective at keeping mosquitoes at bay, but its delightful aroma will also add a pleasant scent to the air. Try this diffuser blend recipe, and experience the joys of an insect-free evening.

What’s in This Mosquito Repellent Blend?

Bug Fighter Essential Oil Blend

Bug Fighter Essential Oil Blend is a special combination of oils that not only smell amazing but also deter those unwanted insects. With just a few drops in your diffuser, you can enjoy a summer night free from buzzing and biting.

Grapefruit Essential Oil

One of the key ingredients in this blend is Grapefruit Essential Oil. Known for its ability to deter insects, Grapefruit Oil can keep mosquitoes at bay while you enjoy your outdoor space.

Thyme Essential Oil

Another ingredient to add to this blend is Thyme Essential Oil. Not only does this oil deter insects, but it also has calming properties that can help you unwind and relax as you enjoy the summer night breeze.

Things to Remember When Using This Recipe

Always dilute an essential oil when using it on the skin. This essential oil recipe is unlikely to cause skin irritation when diluted properly. If the oil has been oxidized (left with the cap off for long periods of time) it is more likely to cause skin irritation. Check out this dilution chart for diluting this essential oil properly. 

Some essential oil recipes are not generally safe to use if you are pregnant. Consult your doctor prior to use.

This essential oil recipe is safe to use with kids aged 10+.

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Summer Nights Diffuser Blend Recipe

Summer Nights Diffuser Blend Recipe

Time: 2 mins
Yield: 5mL master blend
Est. Shelf Life: 12 months


  • 3 drops of Bug Fighter Essential Oil Blend

  • 2 drops of Grapefruit Essential Oil

  • 1 drop of Thyme Essential Oil


  • Add essential oils to a diffuser and diffuse in an open room.
  • To make a master blend of this recipe, take a 5mL bottle from your Big Bonus Box and add 51 drops of Bug Fighter, 33 drops of Grapefruit, and 16 drops of Thyme Essential Oil.

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