Wipe Every Tear: Simply Earth’s Partner

“We rescue and restore women trapped in the sex trade, bringing them hope and giving them freedom and a real future–a future that will pull them out of the sex trade, out of poverty, and give them a true and real life. That’s what we do”

wipe every tear

What Wipe Every Tear Does

wipe every tear

Based in the Philippines, Wipe Every Tear hosts teams of individuals who go into the red light districts’ bars to rescue trafficked women. Prostitution and trafficking are huge problems in certain areas of the Philippines. In the red-light districts specifically, there are bars where women “work”, and are trafficked and prostituted. While speaking with Kenny, Founder and Director of Wipe Every Tear, he shared that, in the Philippines, unlike most countries, the women can be bought for an entire night. Kenny went on to tell me that hearing the rescued women’s stories is an incredibly challenging aspect of his job.

The teams stay out late into the night, non-judgmentally approaching the women in the bars to show them the love of Jesus and to ask if they’d be interested in receiving more education. Most women are so excited at the opportunity. Unlike the United States, in the Philippines you need a college degree to be able to do even the most simple jobs, so the thought of earning a college degree is truly life-changing for these women.

Kenny shared that when they first started doing bar outreach, they would walk in very seriously and sit in the back corner very stoically. After using this approach rather unsuccessfully for a while, he realized that they should be walking into these bars filled with joy and hope because Jesus brings joy and hope! They switched their demeanor when going into the bars, and soon realized more and more women were positively responding and choosing to leave the bars.

After the teams reach the women in the bars, and if the women are interested in leaving, they host a retreat where women stay at a nice, simple resort. There, they were able to offer the women rest and love. After the retreat, the women have the option to stay at one of Wipe Every Tear’s 11 safe houses where they are supported in whatever ways they need. Kenny shared that the staff at Wipe Every Tear understands that education is extremely critical for these women to be able to make a future for themselves, so they assist with anything they can throughout the women’s schooling process as well.

At their office and safe houses, there are women working full-time who formerly worked in the bars. These women have completed their education and earned degrees because they were rescued, and their biggest desire is to go back to help others like themselves. Unfortunately, not all women choose to allow Wipe Every Tear to help them. Kenny shared that some of the most disheartening moments are when they reach out to a woman who is interested, but she never shows up at the meeting spot for the retreat. Those at Wipe Every Tear never lose hope, though. Kenny described a time when a woman was interested in coming, but never showed up. Then, 5 years later, she finally met with Wipe Every Tear, went on the retreat, and received an education.

Their office is busy all day long with women coming in to receive counseling, education, and other forms of help. The women receive a small daily allowance that they can spend on transportation to and from school, food, savings, or to send home to their families. Kenny shared that while it isn’t much, it teaches basic money management. They give the support and resources necessary for women to rebuild their lives and have brighter futures!

Today at Wipe Every Tear

The year 2020 brought many changes around the world, including for Wipe Every Tear. Because the Philippines is still in a strict lockdown, they had to switch up their methods of outreach over the past year and have begun a meal outreach program. 

They provided free meals for the women they normally reach out to. Right now, with their current finances, Wipe Every Tear gives 100 meals a day, 3 days a week, at a cost of $2 a meal. God has provided the finances they need to do this, but since there is such a great need for these meals, they would love to up that number to 200 meals a day, 7 days a week! Kenny shared that this would cost them $12,000. Thanks to you — our wonderful Simply Earth customers — together we can help them reach that goal!


Wipe Every Tear has big and exciting goals to be able to change the lives of more and more women. Kenny shared his vision of buying a bar and transforming it into a welcome center for Wipe Every Tear. With this center, they would be able to meet and feed even more women right where they are.

Additionally, Wipe Every Tear hopes to buy the houses that some of the rescued women stay at. Currently, these residences are rented by Wipe Every Tear, but they see owning the houses as a more viable option long-term.

How to Get Involved

Kenny shared that once Wipe Every Tear resumes their outreach trips like normal, they welcome people to join them in the Philippines to help with bar outreach! One way you can make a huge difference is to join them in the Philippines in the bars to reach women yourself. What a powerful opportunity!

You can also donate to Wipe Every Tear by purchasing through Simply Earth since 13% of profits go to end human trafficking. Or, you can donate directly to Wipe Every Tear!

Kenny also shared the value of praying and the work they do. They have seen God work in the past and know He will continue to do so; the staff at Wipe Every Tear greatly appreciate prayer. Learn more about the work Wipe Every Tear does at www.wipeeverytear.com or on Facebook and Instagram @wipeverytear. Thanks to our amazing customers, we are able to support Wipe Every Tear in the months of January and February 2022!