Travel Buddy Roll On Recipe

Traveling to a new place is exciting and can be a little scary. Besides the long travel time, you’re not sure what to expect. Will I get travel sickness? How is getting from point A to point B going to work? You can prepare, but you can never be totally sure what your trip is going to look like and what challenges might meet you along the way.

That’s why we came up with the Travel Buddy Roll On. This recipe helps promote feelings of confidence and prevent travel sickness.

For this recipe, you’ll need:


In a 10 ml roll-on bottle, add 5 drops of Head Soothing Essential Oil Blend. 

Add Head Soothing Essential Oil Blend

Then add a drop of Star Anise Essential Oil.

Add Anise Star Essential Oil

Fill the rest of the way with almond oil.

Fill the rest of the bottle with almond oil

To use, apply blend to pulse points for confidence, digestion and nausea support, and headache relief or use it as a massage oil to help with travel stiffness.

Apply blend to pulse points

Why I Love This Recipe

I love this recipe because it helps me feel confident when I’m going to a new place, allowing me to be in the moment rather than worried about what’s happening next. I love it’s easy size so that I can take it with me wherever in case travel sickness strikes.

Travel buddy roll on recipe

Safety Precautions

Star Anise has a weak estrogen-like activity due to its trans-anthole content. Do not use if pregnant, breastfeeding, you have endometriosis, or any estrogen-related cancers. Do not use on children under 5. This oil may interfere with anticoagulant medications or bleeding disorders.

Never ingest an essential oil even if it is generally regarded as safe unless under the supervision of a doctor certified in aromatherapy.

Please note: This post is a compilation of suggestions made by those that have extensively used essential oils and has not been verified scientifically with clinical tests nor reviewed by medical experts. It is anecdotal information and should be treated as such. For serious medical concerns, please consult your doctor.

This recipe will definitely be one of your travel essentials for you next trip. What are your other natural travel essentials? Let us know in the comments below!