Simply Earth’s Partner: Compass Ministries

Each month, Simply Earth partners with an organization that is combatting human trafficking. This month, we are partnering with Compass Ministries’ Executive Director Jeanette Johnson. Jen is passionate about helping young women, children and adolescents.

What do they do?

When I asked Jen what a normal day looks like for her, she said she has no normal days. Her calendar is crazy; her calendar consists of different meetings, training volunteers, visits to the juvenile center, and much more. She makes it her goal to always up to date with what’s happening in the trafficking industry, including facts and statistics.

Currently, Compass Ministries is raising funds for their safehouse. They want to add 12 more beds to the 18 they already have.


Compass Ministries

Compass Ministries has several different ways of reaching the women and the young women in their area. Compass Ministries does online outreach by sending text messages and inviting to meet, chat, and form friendships with females who may be in vulnerable situations. They also do strip club outreach, pen pal ministry ,and jail ministry.

Compass is building relationships with women and juveniles at jails in their area. Jen is passionate about the youth and she says that there are some specific identifiers for those who may be more at risk for trafficking situations. Before Jen started going to these centers, she had assumed she’d be teaching these young women about the signs of trafficking; she was surprised to discovered that she was the one who was being taught, she was surprised at how much the youth had already learned from their experiences.

What is Jen most passionate about?

Compass Ministries

Jen is very passionate about helping women; she loves them and is going the extra mile to help them. Jen says the hardest part of working with women is hearing about their pain, especially with the young women in the juvenile detention center.

How to Get Involved

You can visit the Compass Ministries website and you’ll find a big list of how you can help. They are asking for prayers and if possible, volunteers. They also need donations (clothing, accessories, etc) to sell in their boutique to help women get back on their feet if they have been in a trafficking situation. You can also share monetary donations with them through their website. And as always, another option is by buying products from Simply Earth; this month 13% of our profits will be going to them.