Simply Earth’s Partner: Teens Against Sex Trafficking


Tara recently started working with Teens Against Sex Trafficking (TAST). She herself was a victim of domestic violence. Now she uses her experience to help others who are going through the same thing.

Each month the purchases you make at Simply Earth go towards ending human trafficking. This month you are changing lives with Teens Against Sex Trafficking.

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What Do They Do?

Embracing Teens/Young Adults

Their vision is to embrace the youth, students and young adults to form relationships with them. They meet for an hour every week and would talk about their identity and who they God thinks they are. They also ask questions why they are here. They form relationships and talk about their purpose in life.

Educating on domestic violence and sex trafficking

They talk about how domestic violence looks like, what are the signs and what possible situations. They also share information about sex trafficking – the things to watch for. They teach this to students so they will be aware of what is happening to them or to people they know.

Teens Against Sex Trafficking

Empowering those to go and educate others

They want the students to be empowered by the knowledge of who they are and what they know about domestic violence and sex trafficking.

What Tara is most passionate about

Tara is most passionate about educating others about signs of domestic violence. She has the opportunity to share her story and she didn’t even know that she was in the situation. She shares what she knows about it so other women won’t have to go through it like she did.

She mentioned how cool that other women can relate to her story and how going through it is not in vain. She believes the hardships she went through is now her tool to help other people. This also helps her relate with other women.

Tara’s Day to Day

Tara spends most of her time building relationships in the community. She also connects with schools, churches and organizations to form relationships. She answers phone calls and other things. She does all these things while being a mom to one little boy. Not to mention, she also sidelines as a nanny and works for a lactation specialist online at night.

Teens Against Sex Trafficking

How To Get Involved

Tara says the biggest way to be involved in your area is to educate yourself what is happening and share this information with others. The most difficult part of Tara’s job is fund-raising. She’s constantly looking for people to help her out financially. If you want to reach out to Tara, you can send her an email at [email protected].