Natural Body Oil Benefits You Need to Know

If you’re anything like me, applying some kind of moisturizer a couple time a day is a MUST.

For some of us, keeping our skin moisturized for the whole day can be a constant struggle. Some lotions wear off after some time leaving us with dry skin again. If dry skin is an issue for you, we suggest shifting to a natural body oil instead.

What we love most about body oils is that they can be used all year round. Heavier body oils are perfect during the cold season when your skin needs some extra protection against dryness. During summer, you can opt for lightweight body oils, also known as a “dry oils”, that are moisturizing without being heavy or greasy.

Body oils are amazing because they use a combination of staple ingredients— carrier oils and add essential oils — for your skin, wellness, and health. The amazing aroma of essential oils will not only support your wellness, but can also leave your skin subtly perfumed. What’s not to love? Read on to learn more about some body oil benefits for your skin.

Body Oil vs. Lotion

body polish, Exfoliating Body Polish

You may be wondering if you should completely ditch your lotion for body oil. Well, the answer is NO! Both body oil and lotion are amazing products that moisturize the skin (provided they are both made from all-natural, non-toxic ingredients). You just need to know which to use for certain skin concerns and situations. You can even use and layer both products to achieve better results.


Lotion contains water and other humectant ingredients, so they are ideal for skin that is dehydrated. While dry skin tends to present itself through cracking and flaking, dehydrated skin can look tight, wrinkly, and dull. All of these things are indicators that your skin needs more water, which is why the water and humectants (ingredients that draw water into the skin) in lotions work so well! In other words, lotions work to both moisturize AND hydrate the skin.

Check our all-natural lotion base that is formulated to moisturize and improve the appearance of your skin, without the harsh ingredients that are in most store-bought lotions. You’ll love the way it feels on your skin, and you can even customize it by adding your favorite essential oils to the lotion!

Body Oil

Our skin naturally produces oils, but things like improper cleansing, environmental factors, excessive sun exposure, and even aging can hinder our skin’s ability to properly produce and maintain these natural oils that our skin needs to keep its moisture barrier in tip-top shape. This is where body oils step in because their main goal revolves not around hydrating the skin, but moisturizing the skin. This means body oils work to replenish lost oils and keep your skin nourished! They’re able to do this because they’re made entirely of emollient ingredients that boost your skin’s ability to keep moisture locked into your skin. Pro tip: to achieve some mild hydrating effects, use your body oil after showering as this can help lock the water into your skin!

Amazing Body Oil Benefits & Recipes

body oil benefits


Body oils are amazing at moisturizing the skin because they use their emollient ingredients to help prevent moisture from evaporating out of our skin. Plus, when applying a body oil on damp skin, they can use and seal in that extra moisture to give a slight hydrating effect.


Plant-based body oils feed our skin with nutrients to keep it healthy. In fact, these oils contain high concentrations of vitamins, fatty acids, and antioxidants that our skin loves. Moreover, body oils are not just limited to providing moisture — these oils are also great for relaxation, especially when used as a massage oil.


Body oils sometimes have the stigma of being “too oily” given their name and composition. However, with the right balance of heavier and lighter natural oils, body oils can have a wonderful skin feel that leaves your skin soft and supple rather than glistening and greasy.

All Natural

Natural body oils do not contain any artificial ingredients or synthetic fragrances that are harmful to the skin or overall health. They are the best choice for all-natural and toxin-free skincare!


In formulating your very own body oil, you can pick and choose which carrier oils and essential oils it will be made of, thus allowing you to make a body oil that has the exact skin feel and benefits you’re looking for. This is something the Natural Creator School, Simply Earth’s toxin-free skincare formulation school loves talking about! If you’re interested in brainstorming, designing, and creating your own body oils from scratch, check out the Toxin-Free Face and Body Oil Formulation Course

Choose All-Natural Body Oils!

Whether you’re headed to the store to buy a body oil or interested in creating your own, make sure to keep an eye out for all-natural ingredients like the ones in our very own all-natural body oil made of Jojoba Oil, Almond Oil, Camellia Seed Oil, Meadowfoam Oil, and Castor Oil.

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