Benefits of Citronella Essential Oil

Citronella essential oil

When my husband, Lee, and I got married, we decided to tie the knot at a summer camp I had worked at for a couple of years. The camp is on a beautiful inland lake, surrounded by swamps. In Michigan, that’s code for mosquito paradise. Having an outdoor wedding is dangerous enough, but coupled by the threat of swarms of mosquitoes, I was worried our guests would be miserable.

We came up with a game plan of providing bug spray and decorating the outdoor areas with as many citronella candles that we could get our hands on. It worked! No one complained about mosquitoes, and we had a blast.

Since citronella saved my wedding day, I’ve been a big fan of Citronella Essential Oil. Besides being a natural insect repellent (Sidenote: did you know we have our own Natural Mosquito Repellant?), citronella is known for calming and reducing negative emotions – maybe another reason our wedding day was so stress free!

There are a few different types of Citronella Essential Oil. At Simply Earth, we use the Java variation because of its fantastic aroma. Here are some other reasons Citronella Essential Oil is so fantastic:

Insect Repellant

Essential oil insect repellent ingredients

We’ve already talked about how citronella helped make my wedding day a success keeping mosquitoes away, but did you know this oil is also effective in repelling ticks. Check out this Tick and Mosquito Collar Recipe to keep those pesky insects away from your furry friend.

Relieve Insect Bites

Citronella essential oil

Citronella Essential Oil is a double-edged sword against insects because besides repelling insects, it also is helpful in relieving itchy and painful insect bites. For on the go insect bite relief make a roll-on with 3 drops Citronella and 3 drops Lavender Essential Oil diluted in 10 ml of Fractionated Coconut Oil in a 10 ml roll-on bottle.

Skin Care

Citronella essential oil

Being a natural anti-fungal and anti-bacterial, this oil is great to use for skin care. Try it on anything from athlete’s foot to acne by adding 5 drops of Citronella Essential Oil per tablespoon of carrier oil (like Almond Oil) and applying it to the affected area.

Cleaning Agent

Citronella essential oil

Besides being a good addition to your skin care regimen, this oil’s antifungal and antibacterial properties make it a great cleaner. It’s even been shown to kill airborne bacteria. Try adding 3 drops of Citronella Oil, 3 drops of Tea Tree Essential Oil, and 5 drops Lemon Essential Oil to 1 cup of Vinegar to make a natural cleaner that’s tough on bacteria.

Calm negative emotions

Citronella essential oilDiffuse Citronella Essential Oil to help calm and relieve negative emotions. Try diffusing this oil with Sweet Orange and Lemon Essential Oils for a citrus-y uplifting blend.

This Oil is Pet-Friendly!

Essential oils, almond oil, and bottle

It’s always best to see how your pet reacts to an essential oil before diffusing it or using it with your pet. If your pet approves of this oil, try it with one of the following recipes.

  1. Tick and Mosquito Collar – before your pet enjoys the great outdoors, use this recipe to naturally repel ticks and mosquitos from your pet.
  2. Fur and Skin Conditioner – use this recipe to keep your pet’s coat furry and glossy. Citronella Essential Oil users have reported softer, less oily hair when they added this oil to their hair routine.
  3. Some reports have shown Citronella Essential Oil to reduce their dog’s barking. Try diffusing 3 drops of this oil while you are away to help reduce your dog’s barking.

Science and Constituents

Wondering why how this essential can have so many uses? Essential oils are made up of naturally occurring chemicals that are known to do certain things. Here are the most prominent organic chemicals that make up Citronella Essential Oil and their known properties.

  • Citronellal – Part of the aldehyde family, this chemical is known to help kill airborne bacteria, relieve pain, fight inflammation, ease pain, and calm anxiety.
  • Citronellol and Geraniol – Both important components of Citronella Essential Oil. They are both part of the monoterpene family and are known to ease pain, calm anxiety, and kill dust mites, and both are antioxidants making this oil great for skin care.

What I love about this oil

Besides keeping my wedding day a celebration of love and not a battle against mosquitoes, here are my top 3 reasons this oil is a hero

  1. It’s great for your skin! Use it to fight acne fast for a beautiful complexion.
  2. Beautiful locks! It’s been reported to give your hair shine and reduce oil.
  3. It’ll be your dog’s new bff from keeping ticks away to keeping their barking down.

Safety and Disclaimer

Always dilute an essential oil before using it topically. Failing to do so can cause irritation. Check out this handy dilution chart we created for topical use.
Never ingest an essential oil even if it is generally regarded as safe unless under the supervision of a doctor certified in aromatherapy.

Please note: This post is a compilation of suggestions made by those that have extensively used essential oils and has not been verified scientifically with clinical tests nor reviewed by medical experts. It is anecdotal information and should be treated as such. For serious medical concerns, please consult your doctor.

Have any big plans coming up where you plan to use Citronella Essential Oil? Tell us about it in the comment below!