DIY Joint Pain Relief Roll-On with Essential Oils

Do you have joint pain from arthritis or other injuries?

I have always loved athletics. As I age, I still enjoy sports but have found my recovery rate is much slower and some of the activities I took for granted have left me with residual joint pain. I have the recipe for you that can help relieve join pain by soothing inflammation.

Joint Pain Relief Roll On

Since this recipe is in the roll-on form it’s so easy to take with you! So whether you are enjoying time with the grandkids, typing in an office, or doing other activities, this recipe will offer quick relief while you are on the go.

DIY Joint Pain Relief Roll-On with Essential Oils

Orange Essential Oil

Orange Essential Oil is great for soothing inflammation with a cheerful aroma to help keep you on your game instead of focusing on pain.*

Balsam Fir Essential Oil

Balsam Fir Essential Oil is cooling and my favorite essential oil for joint pain relief.*

Cassia Essential Oil

Cassia Essential Oil is great for improving circulation to get relief to an area fast.*

Fractionated Almond Oil

Fractionated Almond Oil is an excellent carrier oil to dilute the essential oils. Almond oil soaks into your skin fast so you can start to feel the results quickly!

10 ml Roll-On Bottle

this recipe is designed for a 10 ml roll-on bottle like one of these. Shoutout to subscribers who receive 6 of these in their big bonus box!

Joint Pain Roll On infographic
DIY Joint Pain Relief Roll-On with Essential Oils

Always dilute any essential oil before using it topically. Failing to do so can cause irritation. Check out this handy dilution chart we created for topical use. We’ve already diluted the essential oils in this recipe for you.

This recipe is safe to use around kids 10+

This recipe is not recommended for use while pregnant or breastfeeding due to the Cassia Essential Oil.

This roll on is not recommended for use in close proximity to dogs. For more information on using essential oils with dogs, check out this blog post

This roll-on is not recommended for use in close proximity to cats as its essential oils can cause irritation. For more information on using essential oils with cats, check out this blog post.

Never ingest any essential oil even if it is generally regarded as safe unless under the supervision of a doctor certified in aromatherapy. 

 *“These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.”

DIY Joint Pain Relief Roll-On with Essential Oils

Time: 1 minute


  • 2 drops Orange Essential Oil

  • 3 drops Balsam Fir Essential Oil

  • 1 drop Cassia Essential Oil

  • Fractionated Almond Oil (approx. 10 ml)

  • 10 ml Roll-On Bottle


  • Add essential oils to the roll-on bottle. Swirl to mix.
  • Fill the rest of the way with fractionated Almond Oil.
  • To use, apply the blend to areas of joint and arthritis pain. 
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My mom is a wonderful piano player. Recently, arthritis has been making playing more difficult. This roll-on is easy for her to take along when she plays at church and other functions to give her joint pain relief. What will you get back to doing after using this roll on? Let us know in the comments or on social media @fromsimplyearth!

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