Insect Repellent with Essential Oils

Cinnamon essential oil

Another Halloween flashback from when I was a kid incoming! Whenever we went trick or treating and we ended at night, my mom would make us save our candy for the next day. She’d spook us with stories that were scarier than ghosts and ghouls—our teeth falling out! I distinctly remember being so excited to go to bed just so I could finally wake up to the morning sun and devour my candy.

One Halloween night, I fell asleep with a smile on my face and the thought of my yummy chocolates waiting for me on the kitchen counter. The very next day, I sprinted to the kitchen only to find the counter empty. With my heart nearly beating out of my chest, I asked my mom where all my beloved sweets went, and she sadly told me that somehow, ants and insects managed to bite through all the plastic and got to all of the candy.

At first, I thought she was joking, so you can only imagine my disappointment and sadness when I finally wrapped my head around what happened. Not to be a drama queen, but candy really meant a lot to little ol’ me. For years, my mom resorted to store-bought insect repellants to keep all the bugs away from the food and not just my candy.

When I finally had my little family, I was persistent in keeping bad chemicals away from them. I realized how dangerous all these chemical-laden insect-repellants were especially for kids, so I started looking for other ways to keep the creepy crawlies away, and I stumbled across the beauty of pure essential oils! Now, I’m passing this recipe off to you guys in hopes that you will put it to good use and repel all those annoying insects from your scrumptious Halloween candy.

Essential Oil Insect Repellent



Put the cotton balls in the sachet bag.

Put cotton balls in sachet bag

Add 10 drops of Cinnamon Essential Oil to the cotton balls.

Add Cinnamon Essential oil to cotton balls

Seal the bag.

Seal the bag

Glue spider to the outside to double your repellant as a fun Halloween decoration!

Glue spider to outside of bag

Place the bags in closets to discourage pests searching for your candy. Of course, this isn’t strictly for Halloween only! Take out the spider in the recipe and you have yourself a handy year-round insect repellant bag, or leave it on if you’re just in a playful mood.