Hair Care Tips: 13 Ways to Stop Ruining Your Hair

hair care tips

Beautiful, healthy, and happy hair— that can seem easier said than done, right? Sometimes, the answers to our biggest hair care questions are sitting right in front of us. Here are a few natural hair care tips that will show you how to care for your hair at home. 

1. Stop Washing Your Hair Everyday 

hair care tips

Your hair naturally produces oils to equip itself with a healthy, protective layer of goodness. The more frequently you wash your hair, the more often you strip away these oils. To preserve the natural hydrating properties of your hair’s oils, try washing your hair less often[i]. Yes, I know that sounds weird. Luckily, you can actually “train” your hair to get along with a new schedule. Start by washing your hair every other day and slowly work your way up by adding more time between washes. Your hair will learn to produce oils at a slower pace. 

For all you fitness lovers out there, know that you don’t have to wash your hair after you get your sweat on. After hitting a great workout, you can skip shampoo by blow drying sweat out of your roots— don’t knock it till you try it! If you don’t think blow drying will do the job, you can still pass on shampoo by simply rinsing your hair in the shower.   

2. Use Natural Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo is another not-so-secret secret to managing oil between washes. That being said, it’s super important to choose your dry shampoo wisely if you want to keep your hair as healthy and happy as it can be. So many dry shampoos[ii] out there contain nasty carcinogens and alcohols that can dry out and break your hair. Yikes. 

With dry shampoo ingredients, it’s best to stick to the basics. Check out this DIY Dry Shampoo recipe that’ll leave your hair oil free and chemical free. 

3. Check Your Shampoo for Harsh Chemicals

How to Make Shampoo, Strong and Long Shampoo

Just like dry shampoo, your hair will thank you for being picky about your shampoo. The main product you use to clean your hair can be full of sulfates, parabens, salts, alcohols, and silicones that dry your hair, cause buildup, and clog your pores. Talk about being counterproductive. 

Using natural shampoos, like this Strong and Long Shampoo recipe, keeps your hair clean without compromising its health— no ands, ifs, or buts about it. 

4. Rinse Out Conditioner with Cold Water

Strength & Length Conditioner, homemade hair conditioner

Did you know the temperature of your shower can play a big part in your hair’s health? To best lock in moisture, shampoo with warm water and rinse out your conditioner with cold water. The strands of your hair are covered in a shingle-like layer of cuticle scales. When you use warm water while shampooing, these scales open up and make it easier for water to sweep away dirt and grime. Finishing your conditioning routine with cold water, on the other hand, allows these same little scales to close back up, hold in hydration[iii], and prevent water from washing away moisture. 

To take moisture to the next level, skip conditioners with long-winded, nasty ingredients. This Strength and Length Conditioner recipe makes hydrating your hair natural and simple. 

5. Stop Brushing Your Hair While It’s Wet

hair care tips

As tempting as it may be, resist the urge to tackle any major tangles while your hair is wet. Overall, your hair is pretty elastic. When your hair is dry, it can stretch 20-30%[iv] of its length. Once you get your hair wet, however, each strand can stretch up to 50%[v] of its length. While your hair is built to be flexible, brushing it while wet makes it way too easy to overstretch, damage, and weaken your lovely strands. 

6. Braid Your Hair While You Sleep

hair care tips

Similar to overstretching, friction is not your hair’s friend. Before you go to bed, protect your hair by putting it in a quick braid. By safely tucking your ends away, you guard your hair from any rubbing and crunching between you and your pillowcase. Plus, you can rock natural waves the next morning! 

7. Heatless Hairstyles 

hair care tips

Speaking of overnight waves, avoiding hot styling tools is one of the most basic hair care tips there is. I’m sure you’ve heard that putting heat on your hair over and over is a bad idea. Why? Remember those cuticle scales on your hair we talked about? Those same little protective plates can start peeling and cracking with as little as 116°heat[vi]. By trying out some fun DIY heatless curls like effortless headband waves, tight straw curls, or rolling sock ringlets, you can preserve your hair’s ability to hold moisture and rock a unique look.

8. Move Your Ponytails Around

hair care tips

Yes, we all have our faithful messy bun or favorite high ponytail. While these easy styles may have stood by your side through thick and thin, tying up your hair in the same place over and over stresses out and overwork your roots. Alternate in some casual braids or low ponytails to prevent breakage.

9. Scalp Massages

hair care tips

A self-care activity that also counts as hair care? Count me in. While sitting on the edge of a couch or comfy chair, rest your head between your knees and slowly run your fingers through your hair while rubbing your scalp. Studies show that doing this for just a few minutes a day can aid scalp blood flow and stimulate your follicles to grow thicker hair[vii]. Plus, let’s be honest, a scalp massage even sounds relaxing. 

If you’re specifically interested in growing your hair, homemade hair treatments using essential oils encourage extra growth. Add 3-4 drops of Rosemary or Palmarosa Essential Oil to a tablespoon of your favorite carrier oil to make a relaxing homemade hair care growth serum. 

10. Manage Stress

On the note of relaxation, managing your stress levels plays a crucial role in properly caring for your hair. Along with throwing off your scalp’s overall ability to maintain healthy functions, chronic stress can lead to hair loss[viii].   

Find your favorite stress-releasing outlets. Sometimes you just need to watch your favorite movie, bake a yummy batch of cookies, or indulge in some self-care activities. Treat yourself to a weekend spa day with this nourishing Nails without Fail Cuticle Oil and relaxing Salon Day Diffuser Blend.

11. Use Easy And Natural Hair Masks 

hair care tips

Natural hair masks are one of the best hair care tips around because they’re fun and easy to make! There are DIY hair masks for growth, moisture, curls, thin hair, you name it. These 5 DIY Hair Masks You Can Make in Your Own Kitchen are packed full of homemade hair care tips. 

12. Eat Well

If you want your hair to grow long and strong, you need to properly fuel your body. Your hair thrives on proteins, fats, and key vitamins that are found in quality foods like eggs, avocado, salmon, greens, and berries. 

If you’re anything like me, these foods are not the first thing you think of when battling mid-day cravings. Thankfully, the essential oils in this Fit Roll On can help curb your craving-crazed snacking.

13. Protect Yourself from the Sun

hair care tips

Just like your skin, your hair is not a big fan of getting torched by the sun. The sun’s powerful rays can hurt, like other forms of heat, your hair’s protective cuticle layer. When you can, throw on a hat. Shielding your locks from the sun can also nurture your hair’s ability to handle other sunny outdoor activities— like swimming! 

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