Good Vibes Melt & Pour Soap Recipe

Are you looking for some happy vibes? Look no further than this Good Vibes Melt & Pour Soap Recipe! Inspired by Simply Earth’s Good Vibes Essential Oil Blend, this combination of melted soap, essential oils, and fragrances will keep you feeling light and joyful throughout the day. With bright, beautiful color embeds, your soap will make you just as bright on the outside as your good vibes make you on the inside! Create a bar for yourself or a pal – either way; it’s sure to leave both of you with some cheery optimism.

What’s in This Good Vibes Soap Recipe

6 Cavity Soap Mold

With our 6 Cavity Soap Mold, you can craft six distinctly different-looking soaps in one batch – perfect if you want your bathroom counter to have all the aesthetic appeal. Just pour, melt, and craft away with this soap mold.

Glycerin Melt & Pour Soap Base

With Glycerin Melt & Pour Soap Base, you can create gorgeous and vibrant soaps custom-designed to match your unique vision. Whether you prefer embeds in eye-catching hues or a transparent foundation to emphasize the distinguished designs, the glycerin soap will ensure each of your creations has some good vibes.

Mica Powder

Simply Earth’s range of vibrant Mica Powders– Tiger Orange, Fuchsia, Yellow Gold, Ocean Blue, and Black- is the perfect way to add pizzazz to your soap embeds! Create the shade that best suits your taste. 

Good Vibes Essential Oils Blend

We’ve chosen Good Vibes Essential Oil Blend in our Melt & Pour Soap to amplify the retro-themed vibes for a truly energizing experience. This uplifting and mood-boosting blend is the perfect addition to an already toe-tapping good time, sure to brighten any day!

Isopropyl Alcohol (in a spray bottle)

If you’ve ever made soap and been frustrated by the pesky bubbles on your perfect creation, grab some isopropyl alcohol spray, throw it in a spray bottle, and give your soap a spritz. This stuff not only takes away those pesky bubbles but also prevents them from forming in the first place! In addition, it binds any soap embeds and glycerin bases together perfectly, ensuring your soap looks top-notch every time.

Non-serrated knife (or cookie cutters)

You can use a non-serrated knife or even cookie cutters to turn that soap into something special! Taking your creativity to creative heights, you can make just about any shape your heart desires – from stars to hearts and everything in between!

Things to Remember When Using This Recipe

Always dilute an essential oil when using it on the skin. This essential oil recipe is unlikely to cause skin irritation when diluted properly. If the oil has been oxidized (left with the cap off for long periods of time) it is more likely to cause skin irritation. Check out this dilution chart for diluting this essential oil properly. 

If you are pregnant, consult your doctor prior to use.

This recipe is safe to use with kids aged 2+.

For more information on using essential oils with cats, check out this blog post

This essential oil recipe is generally safe to use around dogs. For more information on using essential oils with dogs, check out this blog post

We don’t recommend ingesting essential oils unless under the direction of a doctor certified in aromatherapy. For more information on why we don’t ingest essential oils check out this blog post

*Please note: This post is a compilation of suggestions made by those that have extensively used essential oils and has not been verified scientifically with clinical tests nor reviewed by medical experts. It is anecdotal information and should be treated as such. For serious medical concerns, please consult your doctor. The statements given in this blog post have not been verified by the FDA

Good Vibes Soap Recipe

Good Vibes Melt & Pour Soap Recipe


  • 6 Cavity Soap Mold

  • 2 lb Glycerin Melt & Pour Soap Base

  • Fuchsia Mica Powder

  • Tiger Orang Mica Powder

  • Yellow Gold  Mica Powder

  • Ocean Blue Mica Powder

  • Black Mica Powder

  • Good Vibes Essential Oil Blend

  • Isopropyl Alcohol (in a spray bottle)

  • Cookie cutters (optional)


  • Cut your soap block into thirds. You’ll be using two of these sections for this soap recipe. Store the remaining soap for future soap recipes.
  • Take one of your sections of soap and cut it into 1-inch cubes. Divide these cubes into 5 portions.
  • Take one of your portions of soap and melt it. Add 5 drops of Good Vibes.
  • Essential Oil Blend along with a dash of black mica powder. Mix.
    Pour this soap into the soap mold.
  • Repeat steps 3 & 4 for each of the mica colors.
  • While the soaps are set, cut up the remaining block of glycerin soap and melt. Add 30 drops of Good Vibes Essential Oil Blend and stir. 
  • Once the colored soap has been set, cut the soap into geometric shapes to create your soap embeds using a non-serrated knife or cookie cutter.
  • Arrange the shapes into your soap mold, spritz with isopropyl alcohol, and fill the molds the rest of the way with the clear glycerin soap base. Spritz with isopropyl alcohol to prevent bubbles. 
  • Once the soap has been set, remove it from the mold and enjoy!


  • *If you have a scale, you can weigh out 22 oz of soap. 

Tips for Making Good Vibes Soap

Melting Soap

One of the first steps to this recipe is cutting your soap into 1-inch cubes. This helps the soap melt more evenly. It’s easy to overheat soap, so we want to avoid big chunks of soap that will take longer to melt compared to smaller chunks in the same bowl.

You can melt soap on the stove using a double boiler, straight into a pot, or in a liquid measuring cup in the microwave. Using the stove will make it easier to control the temperature of your soap, but it takes longer. Using a microwave will be faster, but microwaves don’t heat things evenly. To melt the soap in the microwave, you’ll need to use 30-second intervals and stir between each interval. 

You want your soap to melt but not bubble up. Soap that is boiling has been overheated. It will still function as a soap but will affect the look of your design. The soap bar will be harder and more brittle.

When first starting with melt and pour soap, I recommend melting it on the stove, so that you have more control over how it’s melting.

Soap Embeds

For this recipe, you’ll be creating soap embeds. Soap embeds are pre-made soaps made into shapes. You add these to your molds and then pour more soap over them. You’ll need to ensure your soap embeds are totally cooled before removing them from the mold. You’ll also need to spray the embeds with rubbing alcohol before pouring on the glycerin soap. Without the rubbing alcohol, the soap embeds and glycerin soap won’t bind together.

For these embeds, we’ll be cutting bars of soap we make into fun geometric shapes.

Mica Powder

For this recipe, we are using different colors of mica powder. You can swap these colors out for any that you’d like. You can also use fewer or more colors depending on your preference.

When you add the mica powder to the soap, it will at first clump. You can prevent this by first dispersing the mica powder in a small amount of rubbing alcohol. You can also remove clumps by stirring.

Glycerin Soap

Simply Earth glycerin soap will be cloudy and white in the packaging. However, once you melt it, it will become clear and will create vibrant semi-transparent soap when we add the mica powder.

Rubbing Alcohol

Rubbing alcohol is an important ingredient for melt-and-pour soap. Spraying it over layers of soap will prevent air bubbles and help bind layers of soap together.

Reuse Melt & Pour Soap 

If you end up with too much soap for your recipe, you can pour the extra soap into a soap mold. This can be remelted and used in later melt-and-pour soap recipes.

If you have too little soap, simply cut and melt more soap.

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Making soap is an ancient art with a recent resurgence among DIYers and crafty folks everywhere. This Good Vibes Soap Recipe Cheat Sheet is the go-to cheat code for perfecting natural soaps. This guide is easy to follow and will teach you how to create the perfect bar of soap. Bonus points come in the form of tips on making sure your soap is just right and scented to perfection every single time. Soapmaking just got easier – dig into this cheat sheet and add natural, homemade soaps to your next gift list!

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