DIY Underarm Detox Mask Recipe With Essential Oils

Are you transitioning from store-bought deodorants to natural deodorants? It gets funky, right? Don’t fret, here’s an underarm detox mask recipe to help you gracefully get through your deodorant transition period.

When switching from an unnatural to a natural deodorant, you will go through a detox period. This detox can be a little intimidating, which may hinder people from switching to natural. What many people don’t know is that there are ways to quicken the detox process. One way is to use underarm masks using natural clays! For this recipe, we used Kaolin Clay and the natural powers of essential oils to deodorize and detoxify your pits.

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What I Love About This Underarm Detox Recipe

I love the versatility of this clay mask recipe. It’s not only specific for underarm use but can also be applied to the face or other parts of the body. All the ingredients are natural, so there are no harmful ingredients you need to worry about.

What’s in This Armpit Detox Mask Recipe?

Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera Gel is a natural antibacterial. Its topical application can reduce foul-smelling odor in your armpits, and is great for nourishing and whitening your underarms. One study1 has shown that aloe vera gel can help clear up acne, which also makes this recipe a great face mask.

Citrus Burst Essential Oil Blend

Citrus Burst Essential Oil Blend is a blend of various citrus essential oils including Lemon, Lime, Grapefruit, Orange, and Bergamot essential oils. These citrus oils are known to be skin nourishing and have natural cleaning properties.

Kaolin Clay

Kaolin Clay is known to be a very gentle clay, which makes it a great option for more sensitive armpits. Kaolin Clay absorbs excess dirt and has many other wonderful benefits for the skin.


Add water to the clay mask recipe to achieve a paste-like consistency.

Things to Remember When Using This Recipe

Always dilute an essential oil when using it on the skin. This essential oil recipe is unlikely to cause skin irritation when diluted properly. If the oil has been oxidized (left with the cap off for long periods of time) it is more likely to cause skin irritation. Check out this dilution chart for diluting this essential oil properly. 

If you are pregnant, consult your doctor prior to use.

This essential oil recipe is safe to use with kids aged 10+.

For more information on using essential oils with cats, check out this blog post

This essential oil recipe is generally safe to use around dogs. For more information on using essential oils with dogs, check out this blog post

We don’t recommend ingesting essential oils unless under the direction of a doctor certified in aromatherapy. For more information on why we don’t ingest essential oils check out this blog post

*Please note: This post is a compilation of suggestions made by those that have extensively used essential oils and has not been verified scientifically with clinical tests nor reviewed by medical experts. It is anecdotal information and should be treated as such. For serious medical concerns, please consult your doctor. The statements given in this blog post have not been verified by the FDA

Armpit Detox Mask Recipe

DIY Underarm Detox Mask Recipe With Essential Oils


  • 1 Tbsp aloe vera gel*†

  • 8 drops Citrus Burst Essential Oil Blend

  • 1/2 Tbsp kaolin clay

  • 1 tsp water*


  • Mix aloe vera gel and essential oil together in a small bowl.
  • Add kaolin clay. Stir to mix. Slowly add water until it’s a paste-like consistency. 
  • Apply to underarms to help support skin detox. You can also use this mask to help clean acne-prone and oily skin. 
  • Leave on until the mask starts to dry.  Rinse away.  

Detox Your Armpits Today!

Make the switch to natural deodorant! Take good care of your armpits by using all-natural DIY products like this underarm mask. Share with us your experience with this mask, we’d love to hear about it on social media with @fromsimplyearth and in the comments below!

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Zohreh Hajheydari, Majid Saeedi, Katayoun Morteza-Semnani, Aida Soltani. Effect of Aloe vera topical gel combined with tretinoin in treatment of mild and moderate acne vulgaris: a randomized, double-blind, prospective trial. 2013 May