What You Should Look for in an Essential Oil Company

In the midst of countless essential oil companies with varying prices, it can be overwhelming to settle for the best choice. Of course, we should always keep our eyes and minds open for the variety of options but most tend to go for the easiest and budget-friendly companies. An essential oil user should never settle for a mediocre brand and compromise quality for the price, especially because these oils are absorbed into our bodies either through diffusion, topically or ingestion.

When choosing an essential oil company to go for, always keep in mind a few things for the best experience:

  • Keep Quality in Mind
  • The plants and where they were grown

The plants that the oils are extracted from should itself be the best. This means the plants should have been grown at the best locations, in the right conditions, and GMO-free for optimal quality oils. The plants should be grown where they thrive the best.

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Plants that produce top-grade oils are farmed responsibly; with flourishing land and pesticide-free. Pesticides can seep into the oil itself and could be dangerous for the consumer. This is why Simply Earth always tests for pesticides with every batch of oil produced.

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There are a handful of distilling methods in processing for optimum oils!
Steam distillation is when steam passes through the plant material (leaves, grass, roots, Steam: etc.), causing them to release their aromatic components. The steam is then condensed and the essential oil is extracted.
Water (hydro) distillation is the process of submerging the plant materials (normally bark, wood, or harder compounds in water to make a “soup.” As they are heated, they release their aromatic components into the steam which is then condensed and the essential oil is extracted.

Steam/Water distillation can be done by applying indirect steam to the plant material, usually leaves, while water sits underneath the plant material.
Plant materials (generally citrus rinds) are usually pressed by the expression, or cold pressing, with machines that squeeze out oils.

Delicate plant parts (such as petals) are extracted by chemical means through a process called solvent extraction. These plant parts are placed on a tray and washed repeatedly with a solvent. The solvent is then extracted and refined, but the resulting product (the absolute) may retain a small amount of the solvent (less than 10 parts per million). Some prefer not to use absolutes because they retain such a small portion of the solvent.

For CO2 Extraction, Carbon Dioxide is put under high pressure until it becomes a liquid. It is then used as a solvent to extract aromatic molecules from plants. Once the CO2 returns to room temperature and pressure, it turns back to gas and only the aromatic components are left.]

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You can also spot a quality essential oil company with how the oils are packaged and stores. Since essential oils are light sensitive, oils should be stored in dark bottles such as aluminum containers or amber glass bottles. Temperature controlled environments are also best for oil preservation because heat can cause oils to expire much faster. When stored properly, citrus oils can last from 1 to 2 years, while other kinds can last 2+ years. Expired oils should be avoided because its benefits might not work as well.

Gas chromatography and mass spectrometry are done to examine an oil’s purity and quality. This GC/MS testing breaks down oil to reveal each of its unique chemical components. A trained aromatherapist then compares those amounts to the components in a standardized chemical composition for that oil to test if it truly is 100% pure. This process reveals if anything has been added or removed from the oil. Simply Earth makes sure our oils are 100% pure and untarnished through GC/MS testing.

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Our oils are selected from some of the best growers in the world, and reputable suppliers.

Simply Earth works hard to exceed expectations as an essential oil company so that beneficial components of the oil are fully present in the final product. This is done through a 6-step process:

  1. Right Plant, Right Location
  2. Farmed Responsibly
  3. Pure Distillation
  4. Tested for Purity
  5. Packaged to Perfection
  6. Enjoyed by you!

By going for Simply Earth essential oils, you are not only choosing pure and natural oils that will help you create a natural home easily, you are also helping us stop human trafficking. 13% of the profit from every purchase is donated to organizations that we partner up with to combat the sex industry.