Six Things You Should Know About Grapefruit Essential Oil

Grapefruit Essential Oil

I didn’t grow up eating grapefruit. The first time I saw the fruit was at a breakfast buffet. I was pretty pumped because I thought they were the biggest oranges I had ever seen. It wasn’t until I opened it up and took a bite of it as if it were an orange that I learned my lesson, and what a grapefruit was.

Since I ate it with some of the skin on, it was ridiculously bitter. About once a year I try foods that I don’t like, just to see if I still don’t like them. As of 2019, I still don’t like the taste of grapefruit, but I wish I did. Thankfully, I can still get some the fruits amazing benefits through Grapefruit Essential Oil.

Grapefruit Essential Oil Benefits and Uses


Grapefruit Essential Oil

Grapefruit is a popular essential oil in aromatherapy because of its fresh and citrus scent. It’s uplifting, relaxing, and its ability to help reduce tension and worry is why we put it in our Happy Joy Blend. This oil is also known to have energetic qualities supporting happy and outward energy. 


Grapefruit Essential Oil

Grapefruit Essential Oil also works great at keeping your mind and body alert by stimulating the nervous system. This alertness mist spray recipe is perfect in the morning and can make for a great start to keep your senses on high alert for the day ahead.

Alertness Mist Spray:

Add ingredients to 4-ounce mist sprayer. Set on finest spray possible. Shake well before every use. Spray in the air over your head and breathe the scent in deeply. Great for when you first get up in the morning.

Supports Mental Focus

Grapefruit Essential Oil

As alert as it makes you, Grapefruit Essential Oil can also support mental focus and help with any “brain fog” or mental fatigue. When inhaled, it stimulates and helps with one’s mental focus. This study buddy recipe would be perfect for those long days at work or at the school where everything just starts blending together and tiredness and sluggishness hits you like a train.

Study Buddy:

Enhance memory, concentration, clarity, and ability to stay alert. Use this blend in a room diffuser, a car diffuser, or a few drops on a tissue or cotton ball.

Natural Cleaning

Grapefruit Essential Oil in cleaning recipes.

Grapefruit Essential Oil is also antibacterial and antiviral. Making it great for DIY natural household cleaning products. It can easily clean and sanitize your house, while also making it smell extra fresh–naturally! Try it in one of these cleaning recipes!

Skin Saver

Hibiscus Frozen Facial

Grapefruit Essential Oil is able to penetrate the skin deeply. Its rich in antioxidants, making it an ideal oil to help protect your skin from sun damage. It also has a tightening effect on skin allowing it to function as a great toner. It’s also useful in easing inflammation and balancing your skin’s natural oils. All this plus its antibacterial properties and cooling effect make Grapefruit Essential Oil a great addition to your skin care routine. Try it in one of these recipes

Weight Loss

One of the most popular benefits of grapefruit is its appetite suppressing properties, making it the ideal fruit and essential oil for health fanatics and people trying to keep their appetites at bay! It is said that the mere aroma of grapefruit can help control one’s appetite and reduce feelings of hunger. You can make your own inhaler recipe with this by adding 2-3 drops of Grapefruit Essential Oil to an empty inhaler. During unlikely snack times, you can take a whiff until the crazy cravings go away!

Science and Constituents

How do we know Grapefruit Essential Oil carries these great properties? By breaking it down into its chemical components and studying what those natural chemicals do. Here are some of the major components of Grapefruit Essential Oil and what studies have shown their abilities to be.

  • D-limonene – this is Grapefruit’s main chemical component. It’s known to limit feelings of pain, be anti-inflammatory, be antibacterial, have an antioxidant effect, penetrate the skin, and support and protect the liver.
  • The other chemical components of Grapefruit Essential Oil belong to the monoterpene family. These chemicals are known to be antiseptic, be decongestant, improve circulation, be anti-inflammatory, penetrate tissues, and be effective airborne purifiers.

What I love about this oil

I love the scent of Grapefruit Essential Oil and the way it brings a note of cheer to recipes. Its diverse applications make it a must-have in any essential oil collection.

Grapfruit Essential Oil uses and benefits

Safety and Disclaimer

Grapefruit Essential Oil may cause skin irritation, especially if the oil is older and oxidized. Use in low dilution when applying to the skin, such as in baths or massage oils. This essential oil has phototoxic qualities, so use caution before applying it to the skin on days you plan to head outdoors as it may make you more susceptible to sunburn.

Always dilute an essential oil before using it topically. Failing to do so can cause irritation. Check out this handy dilution chart we created for topical use.

Never ingest an essential oil even if it is generally regarded as safe unless under the supervision of a doctor certified in aromatherapy.

Please note: This post is a compilation of suggestions made by those that have extensively used essential oils and has not been verified scientifically with clinical tests nor reviewed by medical experts. It is anecdotal information and should be treated as such. For serious medical concerns, please consult your doctor.

Love grapefruit? Or maybe like me you’re not a huge fan of eating the fruit. Either way you’ll love this oil! Comment below with the way you are most excited about using Grapefruit Essential Oil!