Six Easy Steps for A Natural Skincare Routine

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Want to know how to get clearer skin naturally?

Who doesn’t want beautiful skin? Today we’re going to talk about how to get beautiful, clear glowing skin naturally with our 6 step natural skincare routine. We’ll tell you the steps then give you tips on how to customize the recipes to fit your skin type. We’ll also give you a suggested weekly routine to get your best skin without overdoing it. 

6 Steps to Natural Skin Care

Start with a clean face, then rock on to clearer skin with these 6 recipes. 

Step 1 – Remove dead skin cells with Frankincense Face Scrub

natural skincare routine

This exfoliating scrub is the perfect first step to better skin. It helps clean off dead skin and is rich in antioxidants to keep your skin at its best.

Step 2 – Open pores with Rosemary Facial Steam Recipe

Steam will open up pores while Rosemary Essential oil deep cleans. Rosemary Essential Oil is also good at shrinking pores to balance oil production to help maintain your skin’s health.

Try this easy steam recipe!

Step 3 – Moisturize Deep with Skin Renewing Face Mask

natural skincare routine

Love those ridiculous looking facemasks people share on social media? Make your own with this Skin Renewing Face Mask. It moisturizes deep for beautiful glowing skin. 

Step 4 – DIY Hydrosol Facial Toner

Introducing our newest product: Lavender Hydrosol! Hydrosols are a natural byproduct created in the distilling process of producing essential oils. Hydrosols carry the same benefits as the essential oil but are highly diluted and are water-based rather than oil based. Lavender Hydrosol will help keep your skin clean and balance your skin’s pH to prevent acne.

You’ll love this Hydrosol Facial Toner!

Step 5 – DIY Deep Moisturizing Face Cream 

Create this amazing cream for deep and nourishing moisture.  

Step 6 – Acne treatment: Clear Skin Roll On

natural skincare routine

This roll on is tough on acne-causing bacteria while nourishing to your skin. Apply it directly to infected areas to get clearer skin. 

Feel Good Morning Diffuser Blend

Don’t forget to put this Feel Good Morning Diffuser Blend on to wake you up and give you some positive vibes. 

How to make this recipe perfect for your face

Prone to oily skin? Try one of these oils described in this blog post.

Dry skin? Check here

Combination skin? We’ve got you covered

Replace the oils listed in the recipes above with the ones best suited for your skin. Be sure to keep the dilution rate at 1% or less. The skin on our faces is more sensitive than other areas so we want to make sure to use a low dilution. If you have really sensitive skin, go for a 0.5% dilution rate. 

Suggested weekly skincare routine:

Wash your face (recipe coming in September 2019) with a natural soap then

  • Exfoliate: once weekly 
  • Steam: once weekly
  • Mask: twice weekly
  • Tone: every day
  • Moisturize: every day
  • Clear Skin Roll On: as needed

Monday: cleanse + tone + moisturize

Tuesday: cleanse + tone + moisturize

Wednesday: cleanse +mask + tone + moisturize

Thursday: cleanse + tone + moisturize

Friday: cleanse + tone + moisturize

Saturday: cleanse + tone + moisturize

Sunday: cleanse +exfoliate + steam + mask +  tone + moisturize

Using the Clear Skin Roll On as needed. 

Let us know how it goes using this natural skincare routine. Take before and after pictures and tag us on social media with @fromsimplyearth – we’d love to see!