7 Ways to Relax After a Hard Day

Woman lying in a hammock in a garden and enjoying a book reading

Do you have a hard time calming down after a stressful day? Maybe it’s running that tough conversation over and over again, regretting something you said, or struggling to calm your nervous energy after a meeting.

We can get stuck overanalyzing the smallest things and it’s exhausting. Here are some ways to relax your mind and help you manage stress.

1. Play Calming Music

Putting on a calming playlist and thinking about the music is distracting and soothing. The words will distract you while the melody relaxes you. Create a playlist of songs that stand out to you to go back to when another stressful day hits. 

2. Draw

Image of a young man drawing with ballpoint

The process of drawing can help you process your day. When you’ve finished you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment that can also help you recover from your hard day. 

Adding calming colors to your drawings like blues and purples will help you relax as you process. 

3. Plug-In A Diffuser 

Aromatherapy using essential oils is a great way to calm anxious thoughts and relax. Try out our Tranquility Blend in a diffuser. This natural way to relax will help bring you peace of mind. Other essential oils to help you manage stress include Lavender, Orange, and our Peace and Quiet Blend.

4. Massage Your Hands and Neck

Hand massage, a woman in the beauty salon Masaz dloni, kobieta w salonie kosmetycznym Fot. Robert Przybysz / FORUM

Use 5 drops of Lavender Essential Oil in a Tablespoon of Fractionated Coconut Oil or Olive Oil. Massage your hands and neck with the mixture and notice how your body relaxes. Lavender Essential Oil will calm restlessness while the massage helps relax tension. 

5. Take a Bath

Portrait of a young woman relaxing in a bathtub

Soaking in warm water helps relieve tension that builds up after a hard day. You can also add whole milk, Epsom salts, essential oils, flower petals, and more for added benefits. This method of self-care can be as simple or luxurious as you’d like. 

Learn how to create your own therapy bath with this guide to DIY Bath Salts with Essential Oils or try one of these recipes for a relaxing bath experience.

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Lavender Buds & Tranquility Milk Bath

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Sweet Dreams Bath Soak (kid-friendly!)

Woodsy Himalayan Bath Soak

6. Get Off Your Phone

Put Your Phone Down Green Road Sign with Dramatic Sky, Clouds and Sun.

Staring at the backlight of your skin makes it tough for your body to relax. When I get on my phone, it’s usually to spend time on social media. When staring at other people’s pictures it’s hard not to play the comparison game, which can make your day even harder and bring out negative self-talk. 

Getting off your phone helps your mind relax by removing the bright light that is waking up your brain along with taking a break from the temptation. of negative self-talk. 

7. Write It Out

When I was a teacher, one of the tools we used to help correct student’s behavior is “Say it, name it, change it.” While I used it with students, it’s one of my favorite tools to correct my own behavior.

It starts by describing how you are feeling, like “I’m stressed out.”  Now that you know what you are actually feeling it’s easier to name the why behind it. Like, “I’m stressed out because I am so busy at work.” Now that you know why you’re feeling stressed, you can change it. Maybe you need to practice not thinking about work when you’re not at work. Maybe you need to take time off. 

Writing out how you are feeling will help you track why you’re feeling that way and help you brainstorm how to fix it. It will also help you document it so you can learn what is causing you emotional distress is recurring and if bigger steps need to be taken, like stepping out of a harmful relationship or changing jobs. 

How Do You Relax After A Hard Day?

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